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Neurohack is a mix of new projects and finished software and hardware, be sure to visit these 3 pages.


Latest news

  • Brain controlled joystick project ! Last year Neurohack folks and /tmp/lab members helped engineer students for a mind controlled joystick university project. Includes an svm implementation, very simple games and everything to bootstrap an EEG based project. For their report (french) click here, the source code will be available soon online or now on demand : sam at neurohack dot cc.
  • Some day this november a "brain garage" night will be place in Paris. Neurohack will present an installation called "inside/out" displaying visitors brain regions activity.

Neurohack ?

  • For a snapshot of Neurohack acitivities, visit the Projects, Hardware and Software pages.
  • Is a /tmp/lab project in Science, Education, Art, Human interfaces and support for disabled fields.
  • Is powered by neuroscientists, functionalMRI experts, programmers, artists and mixs.
  • Believe in Pubmed, not in websites marketing.
  • Isn't and will never be a transhumanist/neuromarketing home, save your time : don't contact us on these subjects.

Help wanted !

For some of our current Projects, we need extra brain time :

  • ADHD : Neurohack is working with clinical specialists of ADHD with a long experience to release an open source game to help children with ADHD. Current plan is to modify an existing clinical approved and open source game. Programmers welcomed.
  • fNIRS : is a joint project with electrolab to build an arduino shield with functionnal Near Infrared Spectroscopy capabilities. Seek helpers for software design, drivers and main software ! paid internship is available
  • Machine learning and signal processing : Neurohack is working on emotions detections with EEG. If you like machine learning, Neurohack likes you. If you're in neuromarketing don't even dare contact us.


Neurohack, as art group, offer music/video/real space live rendering and human performances based on brain activity. Neurohack may also help any art project in need. Different venues :

Workshops and talks

  • "ON/OFF" : review of brain low and high level functions, bci (brain computer interface) concepts. Q&A. Done at /tmp/lab
  • "Brain party" : "ON/OFF" plus Neurohacking bootstrap, howtos and EEG headsets "brain on" session. Q&A. Done at London Hackspace, Pumping Station One (Chicago) and St Petersburg Hackerspace.
  • "Cognitive brain hacks" : and video gaming conference
  • Ask if you want yours !!

For more references on all used techniques (scientific background/bibliography selection) : see the Starterkit.

To join us or for questions, welcomed comments, ideas : tmpbci at gmail dot com
Neurohack meetings : every wednesday (9pm+) at La Blackboxe, every thursday (9:30pm +) at /tmp/lab

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