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Laser competition @ Cookie Paris 2017

The first laser competition ever in a demo party. A refreshing contest with vectorial aesthetic. Forget LCD displays, there is no "real" lights inside, think a demo with a beautiful but brutal lightning system : laser lights.

Like in the old days when computers were clock limited, lasers mirrors motors are « slow » and this is another reason why it’s difficult/interesting : to deal with a few hundred points per frame.

Constrain is high to produce high quality visuals, what you see is what your get through skills and imagination.



Laser Demo competition informations

  • This demo laser competition is about custom programs that delivers uber visuals, not lasershows produced with Q…ckshow or any other proprietary software.
  • 4 ILDA lasers and their etherdreams controllers will be available on site. You may use one or more laser in your demo.
  • There is no mandatory hardware : you can also bring and use your DIY system micro controller based. Remember for custom hardware, there is a « Wild » competition. Ask orga before bringing any extra laser system for safety check.
  • One laser+etherdream will be available for test from now on* at the party place, every wednesday during the Jack hackerspace open meeting. Remember that you can also use some of the code examples with built in simulator (see LaserBootstrap).
  • For efficiency, no wifi access to the lasers LAN. Bring your RJ45 dongle if needed.
  • As all the Cookie demos, you can start coding now.
  • This competition will be hosted by the /team/laser of /tmp/lab hackerspace at Jardin d'Alice place.

You're new in laser ?

Here are some useful links and code example.

Etherdreams controllers

Easy start

  • Connect your ether dream to your IP network
  • python will display the etherdream broadcast
  • python will draw a color square.


Laser safety

  • Any laser system must comply to basic safety regulation (emergency stop,…).
  • Scanning the audience is forbidden.
  • Lasers will be operated by laser safety aware people.
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